Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is the ideal setting to achieve optimum fitness. Surrounded by the golden sands of the Sonoran Desert, the 2000 sq. ft. Fitness Center is equipped with a wide selection of free weights, cardiovascular equipment, fitness classes and soothing whirlpools and saunas. Experience the thrill of rock climbing, hike through the Sonoran Desert or push yourself to the limits on a mountain bike tour through some of Arizona's best trails.

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This session begins with a profile to determine your personal wellness goals, health issues and lifestyle habits. After a body composition and dietary analysis, our Nutritionist will discuss eating behaviors that may be preventing you from reaching your goals as well as imbalances that may be occurring. Recommendations will be given that include dietary, lifestyle and behavioral guidelines based on your personal wellness goals.


Rediscover your ideal weight safely and effectively. Each week our Nutritionist will instruct and coach you on the five critical components to help you achieve your goals including: food and calories; record keeping; physical activity; stimulus control and support. Learn how to make healthy choices, set realistic goals and discover creative ways to plan menus at home or away. 


A variety of private fitness instruction sessions are available to choose from: Pilates to emphasize core strength, increase range of motion and better balance and stability; Tai Chi to aid in stress reduction and in the enhancement of vital energy; Yoga incorporating breath, movement and specific poses; and Water Fitness including both aerobic and muscular endurance.


Experience the thrill of real rock climbing. Yes, you can do this. Our expert guides will help you push beyond your current boundaries, and discover your true abilities. Exhilarating.


Explore the Sonoran Desert with an experienced guide. Learn about local plants, animals, geology and history – while burning lots of calories.


Enjoy a guided tour on some of Arizona’s best trails. The rolling desert terrain is both challenging and fun. Our guides will show you the tricks of desert riding.